Laser + Medical Devices = ROFIN

ROFIN has been developing laser systems for the medical device industry for more than three decades and have combined all necessary technologies – beginning with laser sources to customized construction – all from a single source.

Minimally invasive surgery techniques, miniaturized implants – numerous products in the medical device industry are becoming increasingly smaller. Lasers are ideally suited for cutting widths and weld seams in the range of only a few microns and provide extremely gentle processing.

Products in the medical device industry have to meet highest quality demands. Laser technology as a precise and extremely selective material processing method is steadily gaining importance in this industry. One of the major reasons is that laser technology fullfils the high quality requirements to perfect, hygienic clean surfaces, dross-free and free of any material residues. As laser cutting or welding is a wear-free tool, the quality of the cuts or joints and hence the quality of the workpieces is consistantly high.

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