Performance Unlimited

Highly flexible and Safe

The Performance Unlimited brings comfortable working ergonomics to a new level in manual welding operations. The combination of a hand rest and a laser proof safety curtain creates maximum access to the welder and allows the welding of complicated shaped parts such as endoscopes, and long parts such as guidewires and hypotube shafts.

This brand new laser safety concept provides perfect comfort and user-friendliness especially when welding long and bulky pieces.

Discover the outstanding new operating concept.


Laser safety curtain

The multi-layer material, which offers a very comfortable touch feeling withstands heavy-duty use and is highly laser-proof. 


Rocking handrest

The ergonomic wooden handrest works as a mechanical rocker, which follows the movement of the arm. Together with the laser safety curtain it provides a "closed" working chamber.


Side panels with brush inserts

The side panels feature brush inserts which can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This is especially useful for welding on circumferential surfaces of long pieces.


Removeable base plate insert

The base plate features a removeable insert and a laser-proof, flexible textile bag. Thus end-face welding of long work pieces is a breeze.


Rotary axis (option)

The rotary axis enables semi-automated welding of circumferential seams and is especially useful in combination with the brush inserts.

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