20.06.2017 - Production in full swing

Full Power

Six months after the moving the production runs at full power. The new facility proves to support our high quality production. Well organized floor space optimized for our production needs helps to achieve und further improve our production quality.

1.12.2016 - new headquarter

ROFIN-BAASEL Lasertech moves into new headquarters in Gilching

Modern production and shorter distances

Industrial laser specialist ROFIN-BAASEL Lasertech GmbH & Co. KG and its more than 260 employees are moving to the Gilching business park with an area of 17.000 m².
The new premises feature 8.000 m² production area, including a 1.000 m² clean room. This helps the laser manufacturer to unite and streamline its production which used to be distributed to three different sites. The new high-tech location also features a new application lab for joint process evaluation and development with customers and partners. 4.000 m² office area for research and administration allow for short communication channels, faster response times and streamlined internal logistics.

ROFIN-BAASEL Lasertech GmbH & Co. KG
Business Park Gilching south
Zeppelinstr. 10-12
82205 Gilching, Germany
Tel: +49-(0)8105/3965-0.

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9.05.2016 - Performance Unlimited

Coming soon: Performance Unlimited:

free access, laser class I compliant working area

Close cooperation with a world leading manufacturer of instruments and endoscopes led to the development of the new Performance Unlimited. A laser class I manual welding laser with freely accessible working area, safeguarded by a textile curtain and a rocking hand rest. This offers maximum freedom when processing long or bulky parts, which are frequently used in manufacturing surgical instruments or endoscopes. The Performance Unlimited renders additional laser safety precautions redundant.

29.02.2016 - On-The-Fly engraving

On-The-Fly engraving

Deep engraving all around rings without any distortions and visible seams

Deep engraving all around rings without any distortions and visible seams is provided by the new On-The-Fly engaving option. OTF is especially suitable for large engravings in rings that usually require tiling of the pattern. Instead of this the process is performed on-the-fly without stopping the rotation of the ring. The set-up of the engraving job is supported by the well established EasyGUI software interface to make it easy to use.

13.12.2015 - EasyMark - AutoLock


Automatic door-lock for security-related marking tasks

AutoLock automatically tocks the door during the marking process. This will avoid any unintentional interruptions. This is an essential prerequisite for any security-related marking tasks like  product ident code or security code marking. In batch manufacturing of medical devices, automobile or aerospace parts an incomplete marking process will almost certainly cause the entire batch to be lost.

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