PowerLine SL PV


The PowerLine SL PV lasers were developed for photovoltaic applications with highest requirements on the beam quality and pulse-to-pulse stability with high frequencies.  With the integration of the beam expansion in the laser head, the laser beam can be used directly without external beam shaping. High long term stability is guaranteed by the new temperature management systems:  independent thermal monitoring, stabilization of all relevant optical components and heat dissipation via cooling plate.


Features at a glance

  • exceptional beam quality
  • high pulse-to-pulse stability
  • high long term stability with temperature management system
  • integrated shutter and safety circuit
  • easy integration

Output power class up to:
Laser type :
Pulse frequency:

Power consumption:

3 W, 20 W
532 nm, 1064 nm
end-pumped solid state laser
15 – 400 kHz (PowerLine SL 3 SHG PV)
0 – 400 kHz (PowerLine SL 20 PV)
140 VA (PowerLine SL 3 SHG PV)
800 VA (PowerLine SL 20 PV)