HighLight™ FL-ARM

HighLight FL-ARM™ (Adjustable Ring Mode) is a special fiber laser that enables a totally new era for fiber laser materials processing. Ring mode technology broadens customer’s possibilities by allowing processing thin and thick materials up to 30 mm with same laser. Corelase ARM technology creates dynamic on-the-fly adjustable beam profile to the output of the laser that enables revolutionary benefits. 

Easy integration
Clear customer interfaces with compact design and small footprint makes ARM ideal to be integrated into a variety of new or existing high quality cutting and welding machines. Advanced five-step back reflection resistance system enables processing of highly reflective materials.

All-fiber design

ARM allows the independent power control and modulation of two coaxial laser beams in the same fiber simultaneously. The ARM technology is based like all other ROFIN standard fiber lasers on all-fiber design with high output power, as standard up to 8kW and without moving parts.

Improve fiber laser weld quality and yield with CleanWeldTM
Coherent CleanWeldTM is our unique combination of fiber laser innovations, beam delivery and process knowledge, which improves part quality, increases throughput, and lowers process costs. Weld zero-gap galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum with up to 80% less spatter, lower porosity, and no cracking. 

Features & Benefits

  • Dynamically adjusted beam profile to fit variety of demands of material processing
  • Designed for processing highly reflective materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium
  • Easy integration for existing systems
  • High output power
  • Based on up to 2 kW single oscillator