Diode Lasers up to 3 kW

Your competent partner for diode lasers with lower powers within the Coherent Group is the company Coherent-DILAS.

Coherent-DILAS, manufactures diode lasers and systems with lower output powers and a wide range of wavelengths including fiber-coupled, direct beam and integrated solutions. For high-power diode lasers up to 8,000 Watt, please click here

Offering a range of wavelengths from 630nm to 2200nm, Coherent-DILAS designs, develops and manufactures quality high-brightness diode laser single bars, stacked arrays, fiber-coupled products and industrial laser systems. The company provides innovative and high volume solutions for its customers within e.g. the electronics industry, medical device industry and the graphic arts market.


Make your inquiry for Coherent-DILAS diode lasers over our website or contact Coherent-DILAS directly.