CO2 SLAB Lasers

Diffusion cooled with minimal gas consumption

The secret for this decisive technology is the two water-cooled electrodes (slabs). High frequency between these electrodes leads to stimulation of the laser gas. The optical resonator of this CO2 laser is formed by the front and rear mirrors and the two electrodes. The heat generated in the gas is dissipated by the water-cooled electrodes (diffusion cooling). Thus, the conventional gas circulation systems involving roots blowers or turbines are not required.

The crucial advantage of this laser principle is that the laser gas neither needs to be circulated nor to be renewed permanently. That means that turbines and blowers susceptible to deterioration and service are eliminated. Thus, optics integrated into the resonator that are contaminated by flowing laser gas (especially the outcoupling windows) are a thing of the past.

Our diffusion-cooled CO2 Slab laser is not only an excellent tool for laser cutting but also the perfect device for a wide variety of applications like laser welding and surface treatment.