Lasers for Solar Industry

Efficient Solar Cells by Micro Material Processing with Lasers

Sustainable energy has become an important industrial sector within just a decade. Together with wind energy and hydropower, solar energy is one of the essential pillars of environmental friendly power supply. To efficiently transform solar radiation to thermal or electrical energy a combination of the most diverse technologies is required.

Our company partners with various research initiatives and brings its expertise in laser processing into process development. The field of applications comprises laser welding of pipes and electronic connections and laser cutting of mechanical components as well as micro material processing of solar cells. The continued growth in the photovoltaic industry is directly associated with the reduction of production costs per Wp (Watt peak performance at full solar irradiation). And micro material processing with lasers is a key technology. Cutting, structuring, drilling or decoating of solar cells replaces established production processes and opens up new, efficiency enhancing technologies.