Flexible Marking Solutions with Lasers

Cost-efficient Marking of Various Packaging Materials with Variable Data

Most packagings have to display variable data, which cannot be printed cost-efficiently with the elaborate, multi-color printing process used for most attractive packaging presentation. Examples are expiration dates and batch or serial numbers. Frequently the marking has to be applied at the end of the production process, even after filling.

The laser marker is a perfect tool for marking materials commonly used in packaging industry, like paper, cardboard and polymers. Laser marking is a contact-free process without any mechanical stress for the packaging. As a flexible, computer-controlled process, laser marking is perfectly suited for on-the-fly applications, like marking of moving products or roll material with high speed.

There are different marking methods to choose from. Removing of colored coatings on cardboard or metal (e.g. screw caps), engraving in certain polymers and glass or thermochemical methods like color change of laser lacquer, certain plastic films or labels.

Markings on Cardboards

Markings on Cardboards

Laser marking of expiration dates and batch numbers through ablation within a color-coated printing area with the ROFIN MultiScan, a CO2  slab laser, designed for marking cardboard, paper and plastics.

For this application we recommend: PowerLine F 20/F 30,  Multiscan, StarShape Series