Lasers in the Packaging Industry

Innovative Laser Solutions for Intelligent Packaging

In the consumer goods industry, the packaging of the product is almost as important as the product itself when it comes to influencing the consumer’s buying decision. Modern packaging must be well presented, be fit for purpose regarding storage requirements, and be easy to open. In addition to this there are a number of other challenges for food and packaging manufacturers: safe transport and storage, control of freshness, attractive presentation on the shelf, as well as easy preparation and treatment. Laser solutions from Coherent-ROFIN provide the answers here. They provide selective weakening of individual packaging layers for easy opening, or perforation of tiny holes to create a modified atmosphere within the pack.

The processing of packaging foils is a common application with high web speeds of several hundred meters per minute. High product functionality demands are met by our highly sophisticated laser technology offering a wide range of customized system solutions.