Investment Profile

The Fascination of Light as a Tool.
Light, when used as a manufacturing tool, is a non-contact technology, which is free of wear, extremely flexible, exceptionally precise, and offers an almost unlimited potential list of applications. ROFIN’s aim is to tap this potential to its full extent in order to provide innovative manufacturing methods and production solutions. In many areas of industrial manufacturing, lasers already allow for significantly greater precision, flexibility and productivity and is often the only technology that enables efficient mass production of new products. Thus, our extensive range of laser solutions not only optimizes the processing of sheet metals, but also the manufacturing of sensitive electronic devices, such as mobile phones, plasma screens, computers, solar modules and pacemakers. Similarly, a variety of medical products, such as ampoules or disposable syringes, for which the utmost precision and high production rates are important, are produced using lasers. Innovative laser technology from ROFIN is currently being used in important emerging industries worldwide.

Our Positioning.
For 40 years, our focus has remained on industrial laser material processing, such as cutting, welding, marking and surface treatment for a wide variety of materials using lasers. ROFIN is a global player in the industrial laser material processing sector and possesses one of the industry’s broadest product and technology portfolios, as well as of an excellent reputation in the market.

Our Strengths.
Through decades of experience in industrial laser material processing, we have developed an in-depth technology and applications know-how, which benefits our large and diverse customer base in end-markets around the world. Close cooperation with our clients provides us with sector-specific market insight and essential expertise in the requirements and developments of each market. With a constant focus on our core competencies, we offer our clients both standard and customized production solutions based on a comprehensive range of products and technologies. ROFIN has a highly esteemed brand name in the market, with a large number of installed laser units worldwide. Our global, well-structured sales and service network ensures that our clients around the world receive the best possible care and attention. The ROFIN management team has extensive global experience and ROFIN’s highly qualified employees are committed to our Company’s success.

Our Growth Strategy.

Potential growth will be realized through expansion into new industries and applications, by strengthening of our worldwide presence to broaden our customer base, and by leveraging cross-selling opportunities across our business units. We aim to drive new laser products through continued technological innovation and to provide customized client solutions that are based on standard platforms. Acquisitons of select complementary business segments, technologies or products provides an additional channel of growth.