Corporate Governance

Ethics and Compliance

ROFIN is committed to adding value for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders by following one of the highest standards of corporate conduct. To achieve this aim, we have implemented policies and procedures that we believe ensure the transparent and responsible management and monitoring of our Company, consistent with our philosophy, the requirements of the law and the best interest of our shareholders.

As a US corporation with our listing on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange we are required to adhere to the regulations of the US law with an emphasis on the "Sarbanes Oxley Act" and the Corporate Governance Code of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Furthermore, we are subject to a number of regulations and recommendations for the management, administration and monitoring of the company in connection with our secondary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In addition to legal corporate governance requirements, such as the requirements for the majority of our Board of Directors to be comprised of independent parties and for the audit, compensation and nominating committees to be comprised of independent directors, we have implemented supplementary rules (i.e. regarding directors' dealings) that surpass the legal requirements.

On the following pages we disclose further information on ROFIN's Corporate Governance approach.