Switches off system parts during idle times.

Only 10 W power consumption vs. 200 W in standby mode.

Fast restart within less than 1 sec at any time.

Reduced costs due to less wear.

Significant power increase within a certain timespan (100 W vs. 70 W)

Shorter process time through higher pulse frequencies.

System reloading during welding intermissions for workpiece handling.

Successively increases/decreases the power of first/last laser pulses.

Ideally suited for closed seam welds and gas-tight housings.

A good choice for starting a weld on highly reflective material.

Reduced risk of piercing thin material.

Can be triggered via dynamic foot switch.

Intelligent Pulse Management. Guarantees high pulse to pulse stability.

Especially suited for micro welds.

Optimized lamp operation due to sophisticated control.

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Comfortable Welding Functions
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