Femtosecond laser, ultrashort pulse laser, StarFemto


With Low Powers for Industrial Use

The revolutionary Slab-principle of the SC Series, with output powers from 100 up to 600 watts, rounds down the powerful spectrum of the CO2 laser range available from ROFIN. The SC lasers are completely sealed-off so there is no need for gas recirculation equipment such as vacuum pumps or pressure control systems. As gas exchange is unnecessary before 16,000 operational hours, the running, maintenance and service costs are minimal. The complete range of SC lasers use a single resonator design producing laser light with a linear polarization.


Power and precision are defining characteristics of the SC Series and their application is widespread and include: laser cutting of paper, glass, wood, thin sheet metal and plastics. The lasers are light weight and extremely robust, making integration with mechanical handling equipment straight forward. Their light weight makes these lasers ideal candidates for robotic applications.


Technical Data

ROFIN SC x10, SC x20, SC x30, SC x60

Beam excitation:
Output power:
Beam characteristic number:
Pulse frequency:

100 W, 200 W, 300 W, 600 W
K > 0.8
0-100 kHz



Brochure: ROFIN SC Series
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Product Flyer: ROFIN Sealed-Off CO2 Lasers
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